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If you follow me on instagram or twitter you must have caught on to the fact that I spent past weekend in Hanover. I was there to attend a blogging workshop at the home of internationally renowned blogger, bestselling author, and interior designer Holly Becker. Together with blogger Steffi Luxat, Holly and Steffi shared their experience and tips to become a better blogger. We were a group of 16 international bloggers from Germany, the U.K., Israel, and the Netherlands. I had so much fun, and the other girls were all amazing. It was very gratifying to share ideas and knowledge in such a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Holly brought in a catering service to cook for us, and I have to say it lacks superlatives to describe the food. The two men from Wahre Gaumen Freunde, sat down with us to tell us a bit more about their gourmet business and cooking. The love that went into preparing the food was so palpable. They only use fresh produce, no conserves,  and they dare to mix and match products resulting in finger licking recipes. I just loved their presentation. And their curry lentil soup with coconut was hands down the best soup I have ever had in my life. It was divine!

linzen soep

They served beetroot carpaccio with black currant balsamic dressing, caramelized walnuts, grapes, lettuce and goat cheese. Salmon ravioli with lime on  pear chutney with sour cream and basil oil. Gazpacho with a meatball. And what about the young potatoes on a stick with goat cheese, salt and olive.




It was also food for thought, because it shows that you can serve up a great meal by using different finger foods and flavours. And it looks so much nicer too! That might be a good idea for my upcoming dinner parties coming weeks or even for Christmas.

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