Harriet Damave Christmas ornaments

Blue and white is always right! I just love the delicate and detailed Christmas ornaments by ceramist Harriet Damave. Blue and white porcelain is an art form without boundaries. It is prevalent in a lot of cultures: China, Morocco, Turkey, the Netherlands, just to name a few. I asked Harriet to tell us a bit more about her work and why blue and white porcelain is so popular. [continue reading after photos]


Harriet: “I’m actually an illustrator and I’m very agile with watercolouring. Painting with cobalt oxide on half baked porcelain, as done with blue and white ceramics, is very similar to watercolouring. After some practice I soon translated that knowledge into blue and white jewelry and ornaments, that I conveniently call Delftware so people know what I’m talking about.”

Harriet says that it’s no coincidence that you see so much blue and white ceramics in different cultures. “Every ceramics painter will agree that the substance that the blue colour yields, the cobalt blue oxide is a material that works well with many different baking temperatures. It’s a powerful pigment, that looks like black powder, and changes to blue tones above 1000 degrees Celsius. It’s a whole other story with pigments like yellow or red.”

The blue and white ornaments really pop in a dark green fir, especially when combined with white baubles. Harriet sells her work online at her USA Etsy, UK webshop, and on Dawanda. For other sales points check here.


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