Homemade with Love: a Cozy Christmas gift basket

Instead of showing up with a bottle of wine, flowers or a box of chocolate, why not make a nice hostess gift basket? I just love to select products, make or bake something, and personalize a basket in a specific theme or colour palette. Last weekend I went to Hannover and created this gift basket for the hostess, Holly Becker. It has a Cozy Christmas theme with a pink colour palette.

hostess gift basket Christmas

Here’s what I put in the basket:

  • a mug
  • a small jar with roasted almond tea with a self crafted label
  • a pack of almond nougat with a cute sticker (The sticker on the nougat is from Tierlantijn.
  • a hyacinth bulb wrapped in paper with a pink ribbon
  • a small white honeycomb ball (available at LangzalzeLeven)
  • I crafted a small jar. The jar is filled with moss, twigs of pink heather, a tea light, and cake toppers like a reindeer and tree. You can get a piece of fabric or felt to cover the lid with elastic band.
  • a thank you card and black pouch with a small present. I used a string and pink button to wrap around the black gift pouch as an embellishment.
  • Instead of using a basket, try using a tin box, or garden pot.

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gift basket 2

gift jar

gift basket

hostess gift basket

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