Going organic with Apivita facial creams

I have decided to drastically change my lifestyle and be more conscious about what I eat and use on my skin. One example I already shared with you is the Pick Your Own farm where I get my fruit and vegetables. I like to know where my food comes from. I started visiting more organic markets where local farmers sell their produce. Another thing I have been doing for years is growing my own herbs on my balcony for cooking.

Lately I have been also using more organic creams and beauty essentials, and I’m gradually substituting the brands I used for years by organic and natural ones. You might remember my blog post about Korres shower gel, or my beauty products from Terre d’Oc, which are also natural and organic.  My London-based friend Tina from the blog Colourliving has been “preaching” to me about it, and thanks to her I started researching. Once you start reading about what they put in beauty products, and how bad it is for your health, you might want to as well. A lot of people don’t even know that what you put on your skin, penetrates into your bloodstream. And who would want to inject zinc in their blood?

I’m using a newly discovered holistic brand called Apivita now. Apivita is a Greek brand that was founded in 1979. It was the first Greek brand that produces holistic natural products for beauty and health. Nikos and Niki Koutsianas, both pharmacists, first met at a local Athens pharmacy in 1972, where they discovered their shared passion for nature. They were married in that very same pharmacy and together they created their first natural cosmetic products using bee products and Greek herbs. In 1979, APIVITA was born and was the first natural cosmetics company in Greece. Its sources of inspiration are: the society and the products of the bee, the rich Greek nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates.

aqua vita day cream

I’ve been using their Aqua Vita, a 24hrs moisturizing cream-gel for combination skin with chaste tree and propolis. 98% of the substance are natural ingredients. Enriched with organic geranium essential oil, it offers holistic care as it revitalizes both the skin and mood. Apivita replaces water in the aqua vita line with green tea infusion to enhance the antioxidant action. It doesn’t have synthetic ingredients that may pose harmful effects to your health and the environment. And it’s free of Parabens, Silicones, Propylene glycol, Mineral Oil, PEG and Ethanolomine.

queen bee night cream

As a night cream I have experience with two of their products: Wine elixir anti-wrinkle and firming cream and their Queen Bee firming and restoring night cream. Personally I liked the latter better, because of the fragrance and substance. The Wine elixir is with red wine and beeswax, and the Queen Bee with royal jelly and honey exfoliates and softens the skin during the night .

wine elixir

Apivita has developed organic farms in four different regions in Greece focusing on the cultivation of local herbs such as Greek mountain tea, St. John’s wort, lavender, lemon balm, chamomile, clary sage, marigold, thyme, marjoram and rosemary. At the same time they have established collaborations with organic farmers and herb collectors that follow sustainable wild crafting practices around Greece.

Apivita has got my vote. Watch the video to learn more about their story and philosopy. Or try one of their products and experience it yourself. Click here for a retailer near you.

3 thoughts on “Going organic with Apivita facial creams

  1. Ha. So the ‘Preaching’ eventually helps!

    I’m delighted,but then I woud be, right? It’s seems like a big shift but you have been gradually moving towards it. I always like to think that if people ask better questions and do some research, they can make more informed decisions.

    I don’t know this brands o thank you for sharing.

    I guess I’ll put CONTENT on the must visit list for September. x

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