Flower picking in Hillegom

One of my weekend rituals is getting myself a bouquet of beautiful flowers. It’s one of my simple joys of life that I cannot live without. Picking the flowers myself adds even more pleasure to it.  For a handpicked bouquet of wild flowers I go to Hillegom (a Dutch city). At Annemiekes Pluktuin, a pick your own flower field, you can fill a bucket with as many flowers as you like for only 6 euros. You might remember my blog post about picking my own tulips? Well, this is the same place, but in summer the field is boasting with summer flowers. Poppies, dahlias, sage, sunflowers, you name it. The PYO flower farm is especially popular with kids, who can freely explore the field and find their favourites.

Going to the flower farm makes my heart sing. To stand in this open field and feel, see, hear and smell nature is just an awesome feeling. The buzzing of the bees, the sound of the wind making the flowers all bend in the same direction, a chicken crossing the sandy path…and the sun beams hitting the popping coloured petals…It’s nature in full galore, and poetry in motion.

mixed flowers pluktuin 2

Pluktuin Pluktuin 3

IMG_3107 IMG_3110 poppy

dahliafield dahlias in field dahlias flowerfield flowers red dahlia thistle

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