A Handpicked Summer Bouquet

Yesterday I blogged about the PYO flower farm I often go to. Today I would like to follow that up with some tips how to take care of your handpicked bouquet. I usually cut the flowers with as long a stem as possible so I am not limited to a particular vase.  Already at the PYO farm I start thinking about what composition I would like to have and pick my flowers accordingly. Some people go for a mixed flowers bouquet while others opt for a specific colour scheme.wild flowers in bucket picked flowers flowers

My experience is that the poppies are too fragile, unfortunately. I picked a bunch of them but by the time I unwrapped my bouquet and started to arrange them, most of the poppies lost their petals. Another thing to keep in mind is that these flowers are truly wild, hence chock full of tiny insects and lice. So before I arrange them properly, I use an insecticidal spray to get rid of them, preventing my home being full of creeping insects. [continue reading after photo]

flowers on table poppy petals


I arranged the flowers in two colour palettes. Make sure you remove the leaves. It prevents bacteria from polluting the water. Another tip is to refresh the water daily. If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy your handpicked bouquet for at least 7 days.

flower arrangement bouquet

wildflower bouquet

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