Going organic with Apivita facial creams

I have decided to drastically change my lifestyle and be more conscious about what I eat and use on my skin. One example I already shared with you is the Pick Your Own farm where I get my fruit and vegetables. I like to know where my food comes from. I started visiting more organic […]

3 Beach beauty essentials

I have been trying out 3 new beauty products I got at Skins Cosmetics, and I am honestly thrilled. All three products are fabulous and a must-have to carry to the beach. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and I notice that I’m more sensitive to the sun and that I’m also getting […]

Éminence huidproducten

De juiste huidproducten, en dan met name gezichtsproducten vinden is een never-ending story. De keuze is zo groot en in de jungle van crèmes, cleansers en gezichtsscrubs beweert uiteindelijk elk merk dat zij revolutionair en de beste zijn. Ik probeer daarom steeds wat anders uit, en als iets bevalt, dan gebruik ik het wat langer […]