3 Beach beauty essentials

I have been trying out 3 new beauty products I got at Skins Cosmetics, and I am honestly thrilled. All three products are fabulous and a must-have to carry to the beach. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and I notice that I’m more sensitive to the sun and that I’m also getting freckles more often. So I’m rigidly putting on sun block and minimizing my hours in the sun. My hair also gets dry, so I’m very excited that I found a preventive cream. Let’s talk summer essentials:

Christophe Robin moisturizing hair cream SPF 6

I’ve never been more happier with a hair cream than with this one. It’s a daily leave in cream that treats split ends and prevents breakage. Since I started using it my hair is much softer and shinier and my hair actually has more body. It consists of apricot kernel oil, extracts of sandalwood pulp, philodendron tree bark and barley. It’s not sticky or oily and it doesn’t contain any alcohol, colorants, paraben, or silicone. And it smells nice too! It’s € 31,55 for 100 ml

Cristophe Robin

REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF15 for the face

A very unique sunscreenwith UVA and UVB protection, fights free radicals and harnesses beneficial light energy for a laser effect that gives the complexion a radiant, even toned appearance. I apply at every day and got a more radiant skin, even after a whole day at the beach. So it’s protective, and it makes you look good, short term and in the long run! You only need a small dash and I like the subtle soft fragrance. Fluorophores from Nori Extract absorbs UV light and boosts elastin and revitalises. Antileukine from Ochroleuca Algae is a powerful anti-oxidant and reduces UV induced inflammation. And Tocotrienols from Arctic Cranberry Seed oil captures free radicals. €39,70

Coola Sport Continuous Spray SPF 30 Pina Colada scented for the body

The smell alone is reason to try this sunscreen. It’s organic so that’s two points. And it is full of biological extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins that give your skin that extra boost. It also contains coconut oil to moisturize the skin. Other scents to try are Mango, or citrus mimosa. There’s also a lotion but I prefer to spray and don’t get my hands “dirty”.  € 32,55


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