5 Beauty Products to top up that Bikini-Body Glow

Are you proud of your sun-kissed skin and wishing you could accentuate it to create an infinitely golden brown and glowy look? Then I have just the right products to shimmer up that sumptuous tan! For years I have been using products to give my tanned summer look a natural-looking glow. Sure, I have been blessed with […]

3 Beach beauty essentials

I have been trying out 3 new beauty products I got at Skins Cosmetics, and I am honestly thrilled. All three products are fabulous and a must-have to carry to the beach. As we get older, our skin gets thinner and I notice that I’m more sensitive to the sun and that I’m also getting […]

Raspberry Tartlets with Vanilla Cream

The best thing about summer is the fruit. I just love the sweetness of all the berries.  In my cookbook La Tartine Gourmande I found a recipe for blackberry tartlets with vanilla-flavoured mascarpone cream. I decided to make them with raspberries instead. It’s a very easy recipe since you can buy the tartlet crusts in […]