Adding some Christmas mushroom magic

In Dutch we have this children song about a big red mushroom with white dots. And whenever I see one, the song springs to mind and tortures me for the rest of the day. So you can imagine how I feel every time I hit the stores these days. In case you missed it…we are bombarded with mushrooms. They are everywhere, and were in fact multiplying like fungus (get the joke ;-)) the closer we got to the jolly season. Mushrooms and the magical forest are a big trend this Christmas. I’ve seen them as tree ornaments, in felt, in ceramics, as candles, on pillow cases, and even as a pepper and salt set.

Past weekend, when I attended the Blogging your Way Studio workshop in Hanover, part of the curriculum was shopping,  finding story angles, and photographing your purchases. We went to a lovely shopping area called Linden. And again, the mushrooms were popping up in every store. I finally gave in to the trend and bought an upside down jar snow globe at a cute little boutique called Stoffwechsel.

christmas decor

The festive red and the jar blend in perfectly with the holiday statement I created in my candy stripe kitchen. But it also pairs well with my white wooden sleigh I bought at Depot in Hanover . I created this little winter wonderland vignette to look at and to dream of a white Christmas.

snow globe Christmas evergreen christmas sleigh mushroom snow globe

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  1. I just love all of your little vignettes. I’m so jealous you were able to attend a workshop in person with Holly. What a neat experience. I’m happy for you and hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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