Homemade with Love: Christmas delights

Ho ho ho, can you hear Santa? Christmas is near! I’ve been baking and making Christmas delights to put in the hostess gift basket. What’s in the basket? I made chocolate cookies, petit cakes, chocolate spoons to make chocolate milk, and cranberry-raisin-pecan sauce to accompany the turkey. I didn’t make the two Christmas crackers, but I did get them myself at Hema, does that also count? And I’ve added some mistletoe. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day cooking, but I will post one more blog showing you Casa Louise in Christmas decor.

For more homemade hostess gift ideas click here for a winter themed one or here for a French themed or here for a fall inspired one.

hostess gift basket

chocolate spoons christmas cookies angels christmas cookies christmas muffins christmas treats 2 christmas treats cranberry sauce

christmas gift basket

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