From Catwalk to Couch

I always read the fine print and product descriptions in magazines to discover new shops and brands. In the latest 101 woonideeën (a Dutch home decor magazine) a pillow caught my eye with its vibrant colours and exotic flowers. I immediately turned to the fine print to discover it is by the brand Drop-by. I then realized I had seen the brand before at the Woonbeurs in Amsterdam and was intrigued by the prints back then as well!

Drop-by carries so many stunning pillows, that I couldn’t keep it from you. It turns out that the fabrics used to make these pillows are actually unused fabrics from the fashion and interior design world. They get a second chance by combining them with other fabrics in juxtaposition or in a clashing way. The results are unique designs with a personalized signature. All pillows are handmade with an eye for detail. The combinations are endlessly.

“My own accumulation of unused pieces of textiles were the inspiration for this collection” says designer Mei-Lan Tjoa.  Every cushion is the result of a quest for the most original combinations. “Eye catchers, show pieces or collectors items, call them whichever way you want, but each one of them are able to create that desirable ambience in your home”. The pillows are € 30-60.

I took this picture at de Woonbeurs where the pillows were creatively displayed

dropby dropby2 dropby3 dropby4

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