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You might have already noticed my Images d’Orient coasters in my blogpost about copper earlier this week. I have been using them for a while now and I still consider them an excellent buy. The sillicone coasters are functional as well as aesthetic. Images d”Orient produces everyday objects that are a combination of the Mediterranean heritage and charm with a contemporary look. All designs come in a range of objects: coasters, placemats, knife rests, trays, bottle holders and porcelain.

The burst of colours and intricate details pay tribute to the legacy of past civilizations  Each line has its own distinct story. They are inspired by henna drawings, mosaic tiles and ancient architecture styles. The black and white for example is inspired by cut stones called zelliges. [continue reading after photo]


The Zafaf line was inspired by interlaced Mediterranean pavements back in 1930. Arabesque pavements, mosaic, and moucharabieh are embraced in these designs.IMG_0118ed IMG_0122ed


There are many other lines and colours. Have a look at their website and dive into the various tides of Images d’Orient.

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  1. It was lovely meeting you at Meet The Blogger London! I’m in love with these coaster designs – utterly beautiful. I’ve been searching for ages for some gorgeous coasters (surprising how hard they are to find) and these are perfect. Thanks so much for the intro – they’ve been added to my wish list 😉 x

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