Paris Sketchbook

I’m a sucker for beautiful illustrations of fashion and travel. Earlier this week I discovered another gem in that category: Paris Sketchbook by Jason Brooks. The book won’t come out until next month, but it is already on my wishlist as my new favourite coffee table book. Jason Brooks is a renowned fashion illustrator who has worked for Vogue and Elle magazine. Yet travel has always been a recurrent theme in his work, either as a backdrop or as an inspirational source. During his many travels to Paris for fashion assignments he started drawing travel journals depicting the whimsical city.


Paris Sketchbook is a journey through Paris, partly travel oriented, partly appealing to fashion. It’s a guide as well as a lookbook with 200 illustrations to cherish and study over and over again. Watch the video:

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Paris Sketchbook, Jason Brooks, Laurence King publishing, 160 pages, ISBN 9781780671055

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