Get ready for Queen’s Day and the abdication

The countdown to Queen’s day is in full swing. Tomorrow is a very special day in the Netherlands. For the past 33 years we celebrated our queen’s birthday annually on April 30, as the national holiday called Queen’s Day. But earlier this year our queen announced that this year’s holiday will also mark the day of her abdication. Her son Prince Willem-Alexander will succeed her, and as of next year we will have an annual King’s Day on April 27th, his birthday. So this year’s queen’s day is also the last. Our national colour is orange, something you can’t ignore because everyone dresses in orange, eats orange food, and decorates their homes and shops in orange.

So let’s talk orange and get some last-minute orange wanna-haves for this historical day.

oranje collage

dress – Michael Kors  | wedges shoes – Nine West | handbag – Furla | straw hat – de Bijenkorf | pillow – Mariska Meijers | tea pot – De Porceleyne Fles via de Bijenkorf | pompom – Lang zal ze Leven | button hook – HK Living | crown – Seletti

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2 thoughts on “Get ready for Queen’s Day and the abdication

  1. Is it really his birthday on April 27 (or is it like an official day they have chosen to commemorate his birthday)? Just asking because it hasn’t changed that much from April 30. If people are planning on celebrating a holiday, they usually like advance notice so you can make plans (e.g.., in the US Thanksgiving is always the 4th Thursday in November even though the date itself may change). Just curious. Maybe the Dutch are not Type A planners like me 🙂

    1. Yes 27 April is really his birthday. Good question cause April 30 isn’t really our Queen’s but just to commemorate. Her Birthday is on Jan 30 but since that is in winter they chose a date in spring so activities can take place outside.

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