5 favourite Louis Vuitton Travel companions

1. Louis Vuitton Travel Books

Skip the one in a dozen travel guides and instead opt for one of Louis Vuitton’s latest 4 travel books: Paris, London, New York and the Easter islands. The books are not like any other travel book: they don’t give practical tips and instead of photos, they feature illustrations. The artistic approach to coveted destinations gives us a new and fresh perspective on travelling.


Louis Vuitton had artists visit these four destinations and capture their observations in their own distinctive art.  The only prerequisite was that it would be their first time visit. Artist Chéri Samba from Congo was sent to Paris, American Daniel Arsham went to Easter Island, French Jean-Philippe Delhomme visited New York and Japanese illustrator Natsko Seki traveled to London. The travel book collection will expand annually in spring. The books are €45. Watch the video presenting the 4 books or watch all independent videos where the artists explain their journey and what they captured on the Louis Vuitton YouTube channel.


2. Louis Vuitton Travel Guides

For all the jetsetters and travel savvy, like yours truly, there are the Louis Vuitton city guides. The pocket books, which are renewed every year,  offer insider’s tips to luxury locations in 40 of the world’s most beautiful cities. With each city guide, you are presented with a combination of well-known – as well as lesser-known – boutiques, gourmet restaurants, street markets, art galleries, museums and luxury hotels, making these small size, lightweight paperback guides the perfect travel companion.


3. Louis Vuitton iPad app 100 Legendary Trunks

Louis Vuitton has a long history in designing and producing travel-sturdy luggage. Their iconic trunks were first compiled in a book and now you can also embark on an epic journey around the world on their iPad app. The app enables you to discover the secrets behind some of the most exquisite and unique trunks created by Louis Vuitton for explorers, magicians, and  movie stars.

Louis Vuitton iPad app

4. Louis Vuitton’s Art of Packing video tutorials

Travelling is fun, but packing not so much. Luckily you can get the best tricks and tips from Louis Vuitton’s multiple video tutorials on YouTube: The Art of Packing. They regularly add new videos showing in less than 2 minutes how to fit in your clothes and more importantly, get them across borders wrinkle-free. The videos help you to save space and actually makes packing a lot more stress-free.  Here’s one of the many videos to master the art:

5. Louis Vuitton cosmetic pouch

Sleek and glamorous, the cosmetic pouch to have all your beauty essentials at hand. The dark burgundy hue never goes out of style, and patent gives this classic model a contemporary and youthful look.

LV pouch

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