5 Travel Trolleys to lust over

I can’t wait for my next trip. Travelling is so much fun, that is, getting to your destination. The whole flying thing is just a means to an end. But even on a short trip, I try to look the best I can, and accessorize accordingly. There are a few new trolley designs out there that I’m drooling over. And since the summer holidays are only a few weeks away, I thought I might share my current top 5 of travel trolleys with you:

1. Kate Spade

The ‘New Yorker’ carry on suitcase by Kate Spade is a modern interpretation of the vintage suitcase. A hard, glossy shell and modern pops of color are combined with vintage style brown leather straps and buckles. Inside there’s a detachable clip-in carrier to store small items while helping to flatten clothes; outside, it becomes an easy-hang wash bag.

kate spade trolley

2. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney‘s beige faux crocodile design with popping coral lining makes it equally trendy as timeless chic.

Stella McCartney trolley

3. Fireflies Amsterdam

This summer, Fireflies is introducing new vibrant colours to its collection of  carry on faux crocodile bags. Read my previous blog post about Fireflies here.

fireflies summer

4. Felisi

The faux croc leather bag by Felisi is everything you expect from an Italian designer. I love the leather grip and the leather is so soft.

Felissi trolley

5. Bric’s

Bric’s is the most affordable in my top 5 and most accessible. The new pastels and turquoise range are my favourites.

Bric's pastels

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