Travel essentials when travelling for business

There’s travelling for fun and then there’s travelling for business. Whenever I have to travel for business purposes, it usually involves smart packing. You have to look sharp and classy in wrinkle-free business attire, bring a lot of digital appliances and pack lightly to dodge checking your baggage. Also, you have to look on fleek […]

Greek Chic: Vice Versa Leather Goods

One of the things I love about Greece is their taste for fashion. I love to shop Greek labels as they are unique and hardly found outside of Greece. In Athens my favourite neighbourhood is Kolonaki, where you’ll find a lot of small designer boutiques and high end Greek fashion labels. In Mykonos town I […]

Saturday shopping with a statement

Saturday is shopping day. I go to the farmers market to buy fresh flowers, fish, olives and nuts, vegetables and fruit. Especially in summer and on sunny autumn days I can spend hours at the market, enjoying the ambiance and comparing goods. I always bring my own bag because I hate the plastic bags they […]

Trend: Book clutches

I’m totally digging this new trend and can’t wait to get my hands on my own: book clutches. Show your smart as well as sexy and stylish with a purse that doubles as a book, or is it the other way round? This trend is so me that I wish someone thought of it earlier. […]

Bag it

Sometimes you see something so simple, yet so lovely. At flowershop Marcel en Ruud bloembinders in Delft, I found these cute flower bags. The owners had them specially made by a fabric store Het Stoffige Pakhuis. They are made from vinyl tablecloth. Ideal to hang on a tree in the garden or on your terrace. […]

Enjoy the beach in style with Made by Nanna

Are you packing your beach bag already? This weekend we are all bound to head to the beach or the lake or even better, some of us are going on holiday.  And surely we also want to look our best near the shore. So let’s talk beach bags. I found these stylish ones by Dutch […]

5 Travel Trolleys to lust over

I can’t wait for my next trip. Travelling is so much fun, that is, getting to your destination. The whole flying thing is just a means to an end. But even on a short trip, I try to look the best I can, and accessorize accordingly. There are a few new trolley designs out there […]