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There’s travelling for fun and then there’s travelling for business. Whenever I have to travel for business purposes, it usually involves smart packing. You have to look sharp and classy in wrinkle-free business attire, bring a lot of digital appliances and pack lightly to dodge checking your baggage. Also, you have to look on fleek from the moment you land at your destination to head straight to the office or an appointment. Hence, no travelling in sweats and sneakers involved but instead chic leather goods and a chic suit. In the past I tipped the fashionable and functional Fireflies trolley bags that is the perfect travel companion for the savvy business traveler. But just as important is your handbag and what to carry on. Here’s a peek at my favourite travel handbag and what’s inside.

what's in my bag

A chic handbag

A handbag makes or breaks your look. That’s why I always invest in beautiful real leather bags. My latest addition is the ‘Jenna’ bag from SMAAK Amsterdam that is large enough to hold all of your documents, your iPad and even a small laptop if you’d like. It has a classic look but due to the gold brass details and contemporary shape it works well with jeans too.


Call me old-fashioned but I still like to jot down my notes in a paper notebook. I’m also a hoarder of pretty notebooks, like above art deco notebook from Chronicle Books. The black and gold foil cover is super chic and something you can easily take into the boardroom.

Oribe Gold Lust dry shampoo (purse spray)

Although airports are getting more lenient about restrictions on carry-on liquids, it’s still a major annoyance, especially for women and business travellers. But thank God for dry shampoo! Thanks to dry shampoo I don’t have to bring my hair iron, conditioner and other hairstyling products. I’m a huge fan of Oribe hair products, thus also of his dry shampoo. The purse size spray bottle is perfect for travel! Since I’ve been using Oribe hair products, my hair structure and natural shine have improved immensely and my hair is so much softer! (and I’m not paid or sponsored to say this!) In the Netherlands it’s only available at Babassu.

Travel snacks

When travelling for business you have to stay on track and sometimes you are short on time to get snacks at the airport. Delays or long waits for boarding are also not uncommon. That’s why I always pack a little snack just in case. It can be anything from a cookie to a bag of peanuts, dried fruits or a macaron.  Avoiding overpriced airport bags of chips provides more money for you to enjoy a nice dinner when you arrive at your destination.


Chanel Le Weekend day and night cream

This day-and night cream is part of a 3-step skin care routine (le jour, la nuit, le weekend). When at home I follow the 3 steps, but when travelling I have to limit my liquids and therefore opt to just bring my ‘Le Weekend‘ bottle. The weekend cream is also my favourite of the 3-step regime because of its fragrance (rose petals) and soft creamy substance. It really resets and nurtures your skin, especially when used overnight. All your stress lines from those intensive meetings magically disappear. The pump applicator makes it easy to dose and the bottle has the perfect size to carry on.

A Diptyque scented mini candle

You might wonder why I bring a scented candle on a business trip. I do because I like to create a comfortable and calming atmosphere in my hotel room before going to sleep. Like so many I have a hard time falling asleep in a new or strange surrounding. To de-stress and calm down after a long day of meetings I like to end the day with a nice cup of tea and a scented candle. By creating a home-like atmosphere I feel more at ease and enhance my quality of sleep. Diptyque has these super handy and lovely scented mini travel-size candles (70 gr) that you can easily pack and carry in your handbag.

Chanel’s Coco Noir

People swear by Chanel no 5 but I prefer Coco Noir eau de toilette. Why? It’s a versatile fragrance that you can wear at day and at night. Perfect for the traveller to spray on just before you enter a meeting but also for dinner with colleagues.


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