Travel essentials when travelling for business

There's travelling for fun and then there's travelling for business. Whenever I have to travel for business purposes, it usually involves smart packing. You have to look sharp and classy in wrinkle-free business attire, bring a lot of digital appliances and pack lightly to dodge checking your baggage. Also, you have to look on fleek from the moment you land at your destination to head straight to the office or an appointment. Hence, no travelling in sweats and sneakers involved but instead chic … [Read more...]

Design your own bag, clutch or case

I discovered the next best thing to chocolate! It's called Project Oona, a German concept and online store where you can design your own bag, clutch or iPad/iPhone case. You can choose from different designs, colours and leather. So whether you need a business or casual bag, you are in for a treat. Conservative basics, or popping colours, it's all a click away. You can even have a try at a bit of colourblocking. And the best is yet to come...they also have snake leather! (my favourite). You can … [Read more...]

Chic camera bags for women

I'm so happy with my new camera bag. Although my old camera bag was not too bad in terms of femininity, it was still obvious that it was a black camera bag with some pink embellishments. But now I have a bag that screams: I have style, I am feminine, and I am a camera bag undercover. Cause from the outside it's hard to believe it is a camera bag. And that is the case with all bags at the webshop Pilger Bags. There is a range of elegant, stylish, and casual bags to choose from. The one I wanted … [Read more...]

Snoep Verstandig, Neem een Furla

Ik ben een échte Furla fan, met een groeiende collectie aan Furla tassen. Mijn collectie bestaat momenteel uit 3 portemonees, een set van gelakt lederen toilettasjes, en een onverantwoord aantal aan elegante tassen en clutches. Zoals ik al zei....big fan! Voor degenen die Furla niet kennen: Furla is een Italiaans high-end merk dat elegante, tijdloze tassen, schoenen en accessoires ontwerpt en produceert. Ze maken gebruik van kwaliteitsleer en andere materialen en combineren vaak tegengestelde … [Read more...]