Chic camera bags for women

I’m so happy with my new camera bag. Although my old camera bag was not too bad in terms of femininity, it was still obvious that it was a black camera bag with some pink embellishments. But now I have a bag that screams: I have style, I am feminine, and I am a camera bag undercover. Cause from the outside it’s hard to believe it is a camera bag. And that is the case with all bags at the webshop Pilger Bags. There is a range of elegant, stylish, and casual bags to choose from. The one I wanted initially even has a waiting list. So I went for the runner up, a vintage style yellow leather bag from Jo Totes with a rose on the front side and pied de poule cotton fabric on the inside.

I can put all my stuff in there: my DSLR Canon, external flash, an extra lens, cables, extra battery, my phone, wallet, business cards and a note book, and I’m ready to go. Check out to find your bag. They carry different brands e.g. Pompidoo, Kelly Moore, Jo Totes, Ketti Handbags, TheIt, Epiphanie and Silhouette.

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