Going organic with tea

My lifestyle shift continues. I’m now also trying all kinds of organic tea. And what makes it even more enjoyable besides knowing that you are living healthier, are the various designs of the packaging. The boxes and tins are all so cheerful and colorful that sometimes I choose the tea rather for their aesthetics than blend or health benefits.  Good marketing no? In the Netherlands you can get all of these tea brands at De Tuinen, WAAR, or at your local organic supermarket. All of the below brands have various ranges, blends and flavours and different colours and designs for packaging.

organic tea boxes

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  1. I do buy books by their cover, why not buy tea for the packaging 😉 I’ve seen the Clipper teas before and they are so pretty. Have you tried the tea? Is it good?

  2. These are so pretty! I would buy them just because they look so good….:)

  3. These teas will look very decorative in the kitchen.
    Some of these boxes (like Higher Living) have a cute print on the inside of the box as well, and I found I could not throw them away (I defenitely carry the hoarder-gen).
    If you turn them inside out you can make little boxes to stash things : http://missminoes.blogspot.nl/2012/07/zelfmaken-display-bakje-uit-theedoosje.html

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