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If you are wondering where I’ve been…I was, and still am sick, weak, empty and without words. Luckily I have a bunk of material ready under a button for emergencies like this, but I was even too sick to reach the button, can you imagine? So while I’m sleeping, nurture your blog appetite with my personal top 5 of blogs that I follow diligently. These blogs I never, ever skip, just because I feel, they always have something interesting or beautiful to share. And, if you like, there are more great blogs in my blogroll here. In random order:


Rue Daily is complimentary to one of my favourite e-magazines Rue. It’s a website packed with chic lifestyle tips and articles, stylish interiors, elegant fashion and hot of the press trends.

rue daily

INTERIOR – Binti Home Blog

I’m a huge fan of Souraya’s blog Binti Home. I know her personally and she is talented, beautiful, and has a lovely personality. I love her photography, and admire her styling. What I like most is her pure and simple styling with soft tones and often with an Arabic touch in it. Her photography is light and full of visual contrast.


LONDON – Urban Pixxels

London is my favourite European destination and I travel there often. That is why I love to read how Dutch blog friend Jacintha, who moved to London last year, explores and discovers London’s best places. Her photography is gorgeous, and I love how she takes us on her journey in becoming a real Londoner, showing us off the beaten track places as well as the touristy spots and what she does as a local. Look for urbanpixxels.

LIFESTYLE – Colourliving

Colourliving by my London based friend Tina is a blog with depth and substance. Besides beautiful photos, Tina also writes great articles about anything interesting, creative and colourful she encounters in her life. She interviews shop owners and creatives, she visits extraordinary exhibitions, and she shares interesting books or art.


LIFESTYLE – Fräulein Klein

Fraulein Klein might sound familiar to you, and that is because I also reviewed two of her books on the blog. Although her blog is in German, it will give you enough context and understanding just by looking at her gorgeous photos. She shares fun DIYs, recipes, styling projects and snapshots of her daily life.

fraulein klein

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  1. Thanks Miranda! So sweet of you to mention my blog. And of course just when I was having some technical issues :-). But it’s all fixed now and the blog is up and running again: phew! And I didn’t know some of your other recommendations, so thanks for the tips. Gonna check them out right away.

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