Home Tour: Mixing Patterns in an Eclectic Home

Sometimes I see an interior that is totally not what I would ever think of doing, but that has so much personality that I would love to deviate from my own style. This happened when I saw the interior of a family home designed by American based design studio Annie Hall interiors. The home is a mix of classic forms, modern furniture and an array of colours and patterns are carefully matched. There are so many interesting pieces that I couldn’t name my favourite. I love the chairs around the kitchen table, the bed’s headboard, and the dresser. Or what about the bath tub? A gorgeous interior to draw inspiration from, and a great example that mixing colours and patterns can work when done right.

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2 thoughts on “Home Tour: Mixing Patterns in an Eclectic Home

  1. A stunning home and I totally agree that bath is to die for.
    Mixing styles can add such design and charm to a home, adding new dimensions, so long as there is a key underlying element that pulls everything together – like the mismatch dining chairs above – the same green features on each upholstered chair so although the patterns vary it works.

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