5 Ideas to dress your room fashionably

Now that spring is in the air, I get that annual spring cleaning bug. I start organizing closets, moving furniture, and painting walls. Sounds familiar? I would like to transform my bedroom in a more fashion inspired space, so I was browsing on Pinterest for inspiration and decorating ideas. I found 5 ideas you can instantly inject in your space to transform it into a fashion forward room.

1. Frame your designer bags and create a gallery on an accent wall.



2. Display your pretty shoes

Put your most beautiful designer shoes on display. Use them as eye catchers on a stack of books or magazines.




3. Put those fashion books out there

Decorate with your fashion books. Use piles of 2 or 3 books and put something decorative on top like a perfume bottle or small bowl.





4. Decorate with perfume bottles

Most perfume bottles are little pieces of art, so why not use them as such? 




5. Use framed fashion photos and clippings

Create a gallery of fashion photography. These can either be magazine clippings or real works of art.



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