In the Picture: vintagepiken

As of today I’m starting a new series In the Picture, where I will recommend some of the best instagrammers and visual bloggers out there. Instagram has taken off rapidly worldwide, giving us access to amazing photography by often total strangers. By the way, are you following me on instagram yet?

I would like to kick off the series with a very inspiring lady from Norway: Line Kay. Line Kay shares her photos on instagram as well as on her blog. They are true pieces of art. Line creates beautiful still lifes usually with flowers, shells, natural objects, or mundane things in a pure white setting. Vintagepiken is definitely an instagrammer to follow for the occasional reminder of simplicity and beauty in everyday things!

vintagepiken 3vintagepiken 4vintagepiken 2vintagepiken 1

All photos are ©vintagepiken

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