Glam DIY Pumpkins for Halloween

Halloween is only two weeks away, and although it’s not a big holiday in the Netherlands, I have fond memories of my Halloween parties when I was still living in the USA. Usually I decorate my home with a handful of pumpkins too, but this year I’m just enjoying the ones on the internet, instagram and pinterest. I found a couple of glamourous DIY (do it yourself) pumpkins for those who want to stay away from the creepy carved ones.

pink halloween pumpkins

A pink spider web, and shiny and pastel coloured pumpkins make a glamourous still life. On her instagram Nat Spencer explains she dyed the pumpkins by using food colouring and vodka.


Totally on trend are the DIY copper striped pumpkins made by Homey oh My are so chic! I think they would look great spread out on the table as an alternative to the centerpiece.


I love the different DIY pumpkins from the blog the glitter guide. Glam up your pumpkins with sequins, lace or craft poms for a change.

Do you have another chic idea you would like to share? Let me know, and I’ll share it on my instagram!

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