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The hottest trend this year is hands down beautifully tiled floors. Portuguese tiles and antique ceramic tiles in striking patterns and vivid colours give a space pizazz, while the more subdued tiles in shades of grey add sophistication and depth to your room. And then again you can also opt for patchwork flooring to get the bohemian flair, or a symmetrical placement that will create an optical illusion of your space being larger. I’ve seen spaces where people chose not to tile the entire hallway for example, but just a few rows which created the illusion of a runner or carpet.

At they have a wide variety of patterns and colours to choose from. I can literally spend hours browsing the different tiles. Because the tiles are real artisan work, they are always unique and therefore add extra charm to your interior. Whether it be a modern, country, or ethnic interior, your hallway, bathroom or kitchen, floor tiles are always chic and pair well with any decor style.

tiles at San Giorgio MykonosAt the San Giorgio Hotel on the Greek island Mykonos, where I stayed earlier this year, the bed and bathroom have these gorgeous grey and white Portuguese tiles. Paired with minimalist design furniture and rustic wood pieces it fits in well in a coastal interior.portugese tiled floorIn March I photographed the interior of Aletta and her family who had a black and white home. They had Portuguese flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. black and white tiles

tiles in the kitchenOn Pinterest I found a lot of gorgeous examples of tiled floors.Portugese Tiles

photo credits: 1. Cococozy | 2. Wichmann + Bendtsen via dwell | 3. 139 Hudson street | 4. Agnetha Home | 5. el Ramla Hamra| 6. Stadshem

Below is another home I photographed earlier this year, of Dutch author and journalist Sanne Bloemink. I love how she used the tiles as an inspiration source for the colour scheme of the bathroom.

tiles in the bathroomTiles with vibrant colours make a room lively and cozy.
Portugese floor tiles

Naturally, Portugese and antique tiles are also beautiful as wall covering in your kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Again you can choose to cover the whole wall or just add a border.

tiles in kitchen and bathroomphoto credits: 1.unknown  2.Megan Plohwman |3. unknown |4.unknown | 5.Sean Fennessy| 6. Apartment Therapy

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