Surinamese guilty pleasure: Orgeat macarons

My latest guilty pleasure and addiction are the freshly, home-made orgeat macarons from Lovelies. Orgeat is a sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar and rose water or orange flower water. In my parents’ country Surinam, the white syrup is called orgeade/orchade and used to make lemonade or desserts. I only recently found out that the sweet syrup is popular in many other cultures as well: In Tunisia, it is called “rozata” and is usually served chilled in wedding and engagement parties as a symbol of joy and purity because of its white colour, and in Greece they call it soumádha. In Italy and Malta they have similar drinks like orzata and ruġġataorgeade macarons

Nevertheless, to me the taste of orgeat will always be Surinamese and I was therefore beyond excitement to find out that the web shop Lovelies, a sweet cookie and candy company, run by three sisters with Surinamese roots, had added this new recipe to their range of other guilty pleasures. A few years ago I already blogged about their delicious and visually gorgeous fresh fruit popsicles and lavender shortbread.(read here). But with these macarons they topped everything, in my book. The macarons are made with almond flour and are just right: not too sweet, with a crispy bite and soft filling that melts in the mouth. I had to restrain myself from sticking to one macaron per day, they were just too good. The Lovelies sisters make a fresh batch once ordered so it is always fresh. They ship it to you beautifully wrapped and safe to keep each macaron intact.orgeat macarons

Currently they only offer orgeat macarons in the original colour white, but soon they’ll be adding marble macarons as well. I tried and tested the white and lilac marble macarons as their guinea pig. Aren’t they lovely? Visit the Lovelies web shop to order the (white) orgeat macarons and I know you will love them as much as I do!

marbled macarons

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