Paris Cheat Sheet: Restaurant Loup

When hungry in Paris, one goes to Loup on 44 Rue du Louvre. Loup, which means wolf, is like no other restaurant in the city of lights. It is not fancy or like the many brasseries you have, but more like a bar/restaurant where you’d go when you need a full stomach for a night out or after a long day. We found the restaurant by accident after arriving in Paris from a long trip. It was just around the corner from our hotel the Crayon Rouge, hence also close to the Louvre. Loup is like the wolf’s cave, where you’d go for a full plate of meat, poultry or fish. It’s a rotisserie you could say.loup 2loup 6loup 8

The interior is a sight in itself. Behind the bar you see the poultry and suckling pig rotating and roasting. A huge reindeer’s head oversees the place. In an open cabinet animal skulls are lit up, and on the walls more stuffed animals and antlers are on display as the wolf’s trophies. There is hip music, and the crowd is laid-back and mostly hipsters, artsy people and a few business people.loup 5loup 4loup 3

The food is no fuss, pure and simple like a quarter chicken with potatoes and salad, a hamburger, or suckling pig. Everything is fresh, regional, bought from the producer, and comes right of the roast. They carefully pick their products and only use free-range chicken, organic salmon, and the best meat. They also serve a lot of organic produce and also gluten-free. Their extensive organic wines menu and cocktails make it the perfect place for a good lunch or dinner. I loved their slogan by the way: L’appetit sauvage, meaning Wild appetite.loup 7

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my camera that evening, so I used photos by others to visualize my experience.

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