The Roundie Beach Towel

I’ve got it! The most coveted beach towel of the year, yes I’m serious, the ’roundie’ is finally mine. I discovered the round beach towels by Australian brand The Beach people last year. I wanted one so badly that I immediately wrote them a note to figure out how to get one, but they didn’t ship internationally and didn’t have Dutch stockists. What a disappointment it was. But now, one year later, there are 2 stockists in the Netherlands who sell the roundies. The roundies brought about a real online cult, seriously, just try googling it or searching the hashtag and you’ll be amazed by how many people are fan of the large, high quality towels.[continue reading after jump]

Roundie beach towelIMG_6573-2

There are four different designs available. I opted for the ‘Majorelle” design that is inspired by an adventure to the Moroccan botanical gardens, owned by Yves Saint Laurent. It is made of thick and soft cotton and would also function well as a picnic blanket, or meditation mat in my opinion. I love the tassel detail and the large size: 1500 mm diameter.


The three other designs are just as stylish. In fact, I would love to have all of them! The Paradis design (left bottom) has sand coloured tassels and is white and navy blue. The Aztec (right top) is black and white, as is the ‘Amaroo’ design roundie (right bottom).  The Amaroo design was inspired by local indigenous art near Fingal Head beach. Amaroo means lovely and beautiful place.


The roundie beach towels are internationally stocked. In the Netherlands they are available via Cocoon Wonen or Moes & Griet. For international stockist click here.


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