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Yesterday I already blogged about the lovely breakfast at Doga Pansiyon in Eski Datça. Today I would like to take you on a tour of this beautiful, and charming ancient part of the town Datça, where it looks as if time stood still. Eski Datça is a myriad of cobbled streets with small stone houses that are covered in blooming trees and bushes. It is a true color burst wherever you look. Blue doors and fences are seen everywhere. One street is where old ladies sit and sell their artisan, handmade decorations. And then there are all these cute little shops with handmade home accessories, ceramics, jewelry and fabrics. Huge cacti and pomegranate trees provide shade on hot summer afternoons. There are several shady terraces to rest and take in the tranquil surroundings while indulging in tasty Turkish food and drinks. Although Eski Datça is very small, it is extremely picture perfect, and therefore a reason to really take your time to roam the small streets. Just see…

Eski Datca - 30s Magazine Eski Datca - 30s Magazine Eski Datca - 30s Magazine Eski Datca - 30s MagazineEski Datca - 30s Magazine Eski Datca - 30s Magazine IMG_8887 Eski Datca - 30s Magazine Eski Datca - 30s Magazineblue in eski Datca IMG_8904 IMG_8919 Eski Datca - 30s Magazinelight blue in eski datca Eski Datca - 30s Magazine Eski Datca - 30s Magazine IMG_8942

The small town was boasting with cats which gave these cute photo opportunities. It portrays well the laidback ambiance that prevails in Datca.IMG_8944 Eski Datca - 30s Magazine IMG_8955 IMG_8957 IMG_8962 IMG_8966 IMG_8970 Eski Datca - 30s Magazine IMG_8983

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