10 Things to do in Kusadasi

Dilek National Park

Kusadasi might be renowned for being a seaside resort town, but there is so much more to see and do in the area. Whether you opt for an organized, guided tour or explore the region individually, you will be amazed by the cultural heritage sites, quaint small villages and beautiful nature. 1. Visit the ancient city Ephesus A visit to Kusadasi would not be complete without visiting the ancient city Ephesus. Ephesus was in ancient times an ionic port city and trade center. Due to its … [Read more...]

Kusadasi Wine Tasting and Winery Tour

Kusadasi wine tasting

A personal highlight of my trip to Kusadasi was a wine tasting, winery tour and dinner at the Seven Sages winery (7 Yedi Bilgeler). The winery, which is also a restaurant and hotel, is only a 20-minute drive from Kusadasi. Set amidst rolling hills the estate offers a spectacular panorama with view on the vineyard and mountains, especially during sunset when the sky lights up tangerine. I instantly fell in love with the place because of its tranquility and authenticity, and would love to stay in … [Read more...]

Dinner at Villa Asina in Datça, Turkey

While the days are getting colder and shorter here I'm longing to return to Datça in Turkey where it's still summer and 23°C. I felt so relaxed and at home in this fairly unspoilt part of Turkey. The Turkish food was hands down one of the best things about the trip. On our second night in Turkey, we were invited to have dinner at Villa Asina. The small boutique hotel that has 17 unique rooms, is located just outside the city center on top of a hill and overlooking the Aegan sea. Dinner is … [Read more...]

Discover Eski Datça

Yesterday I already blogged about the lovely breakfast at Doga Pansiyon in Eski Datça. Today I would like to take you on a tour of this beautiful, and charming ancient part of the town Datça, where it looks as if time stood still. Eski Datça is a myriad of cobbled streets with small stone houses that are covered in blooming trees and bushes. It is a true color burst wherever you look. Blue doors and fences are seen everywhere. One street is where old ladies sit and sell their artisan, handmade … [Read more...]

Breakfast at B&B Doga Pansiyon in Eski Datça

Imagine having breakfast in a huge garden full of trees, cacti, ferns, and flowers. A garden up on a hill with a gorgeous view. And a garden with hammocks, lounge chairs, and large tables boasting with a delicious authentic Turkish breakfast. It sounds wonderful doesn't it? In fact, it was amazing! Last month, while staying at Villa Olivio, we had breakfast at this peaceful and beautiful place in Eski Datça, the ancient part of the town Datça. (more about Eski Datça tommorow). The B&B just … [Read more...]

Sharing Food with Friends at The Café Inn in Datça

Ask anyone where you can get the best coffee in Datça and they'll all direct you to the same place: The Café Inn. So it was with high expectations that I took a sip from the latte that already scored points because of the funny cup it was served in. And yes, it was indeed a very good cup of coffee! But the latte was only the beginning of a memorable lunch at this lovely seaside restaurant. We had the best spot in the restaurant, right beside the open window overlooking the boulevard, beach and … [Read more...]

Uncovering Turkey’s hidden gem: The peninsula Datça

Turkey is a popular holiday destination for North Europeans because of its hot summers, friendly people, budget-friendly accommodations and great food. But while many flock to the touristy resort destinations, I'm already planning my second trip to the more remote area of Turkey: the peninsula Datça. Yesterday I blogged about Villa Olivio which is located on the peninsula in the village Mesudiye.  Set in the mountains yet close to the city Datça and to many unspoilt beaches, it is a perfect base … [Read more...]