Floral Christmas table setting

A Christmas Tablescape with a Floral Theme


floral christmas

Last week I showed you my floral themed gift wrapping tips and floral themed Christmas decorations. The only thing lacking was my dinner table. Naturally the table scape fits in my theme and color palette as well namely, rose copper, terracotta and blush pinks. I created a centerpiece in a cake turban. It’s an easy DIY (do it yourself) project. All you need is flower foam, soak it and put it in the turban, and start sticking flowers in it. Easy peasy!

Floral Christmas center piece

Making a centerpiece is not something everyone likes to do, or maybe you don’t do a sit down dinner but a buffet-style dinner. In that case you can also use a tray with grouped vases as an alternative, opt for ceramics plates and bowls with flowers, or even small details like a matchbox with flower print. christmas table scapeFloral Christmas table settingfloral tablescapegrouped flowers on a trayIMG_9595ed

This concludes my floral themed Christmas decor series. I hope I have inspired you to use blooms, other than the cliche ones, to decorate with flowers this year.

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