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Hotspot Amsterdam: Miuse conceptstore

One of my favourite shopping streets in Amsterdam is the Gerard Doustraat. It is packed with small boutiques. In my blog posts ‘Shoppping Guide de Pijp part 1 and part 2, you can read all about the great shops. One shop that wasn’t there a few years ago when I wrote those posts about the Pijp, is the boutique MIUSE conceptstore, on Gerard Doustraat no. 80HS.

Miuse Amsterdam

MIUSE is a conceptstore boasting with fashion, interior & beauty brands. But not the mass market brands. Here you’ll find edgy, emerging brands, cool and coveted items, and timeless pieces from independent designers. Beautiful bottle stops, unique leather bags, brass vases, exquisite jewelry, and trendy boots, are just a few examples of what to find at Miuse.

Miuse AmsterdamMiuse AmsterdamMiuse AmsterdamMiuse Amsterdam

What I love most about the Miuse conceptstore is the way the products are presented: with so much style and a bit of glam. The decor is cosmopolitan. Miuse is where expensive meets affordable. Paris meets New York. Fashion meets art. Guru meets rebel child. Even the fitting rooms are super cool!

Miuse AmsterdamMiuse AmsterdamMiuse AmsterdamMiuse AmsterdamMiuse AmsterdamMiuse Amsterdam


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