2016 Plant trends

2016 Trends for decorating with plants and flowers

As we are already in the second quarter of 2016, and spring entices us to splurge more on plants and flowers, I thought this would be a good time to share the 2016 trends for decorating with plants and flowers. Plants and flowers are the least expensive and easiest way to inject colour in your interior. No matter what your home decor style is, there’s a plant for everyone. So let’s have a look at the 4 trends in house plants and floral greens.

2016 Plant trends

Trend 1: More is more

The trend ‘more is more’ resonates with me most. It derives from societal need to shake things up, and live more intensely. Life is a festival and diversity is cool. This translates into extreme, clashing combinations, with many patterns, colours and structures. It comes of as the Memphis design style of the 1980s. Think bold planters and lush, and abundant plants when decorating with plants and flowers, and you’ve got this trend covered.

characteristics: abundance, Memphis design traits, bold colours and patterns

2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends

Trend 2: The world beyond

This trend finds its origin in societal contemporary tendency to push borders and innovate. We are transitioning from 3-dimensional to 4d and avatars. We all want smart technology, and futuristic things. In the plants and flowers trend this tendency is translated into floating planters, fairytale styling in belljars, or futuristic constructions.

characteristics: floating, futuristic, fairytale influences

2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends

Trend 3: Reconsider space

The trend ‘Reconsider space’ is founded on the contemporary forces in society that embrace change and review of the status quo. It’s about giving new meaning to existing objects, new shapes, and reviewing perspectives and functions of products. Carton boxes are now planters. But also use of striking colours and unusal shapes define this trend.

characteristics: repurpose of objects, primary colours, unusual shapes, 3d and geometrics

2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends

Trend 4: Connected story

The connected story trend is about synergy and  stripping things down to the essence. It is about basics and simplicity, without any frills and fuzz. But it is also about experimenting and flexibility, and forming coalitions. You’ll see laboratory style planters, plants built in a table, plants in a bookcase, combining materials e.g a plant with a lamp.

characteristics: simplicity, references to a laboratory, combined materials

2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends2016 Plant trends

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styling: The Wunderkammer

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