Dior Milky Dots Make-up Collection

This Spring/Summer essential is definitely the Dior Milky Dots make-up collection. The colours are screaming summer and what’s new and totally covetable are the duo nail polishes; You can give your nails a real 60s look by applying dots with a special applicator. Dior combined colours like cherry red and melon green, azul blue with beige, and azalea pink with lavender blue, but of course you can always mix things up.

I also love the Dior Milky Dots lip gloss and lipstick range and the eye shades. To complete the look add the Milky Dots bronzer and you’re ready to hit the beach. The collection is in stores now.




  1. Dior is my favourite designer brand and I love their make-up. Sadly I don’t have the time or energy at the moment to pamper myself. It’s a quick application of foundation and blusher if I’m lucky. But once I’m out of the new baby bubble I’m planning a transformation from scummy mummy to yummy mummy lol. Sadly the only milky dots I have at the moment are the ones on my clothes where my daughter has been sick on me.

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