How to wear the color trends of 2017 – Denim Drift

Last week Akzo Nobel announced the colour trends for 2017 in interior. And, as you might know, home decor is increasingly influenced by fashion design and vice versa. Whether we mean to or not, many of us choose to decorate our homes in the same colour scheme, styles or patterns in which we dress ourselves. The color of the year 2017 is ‘Denim Drift‘, a beautiful blue hue. It’s a timeless color that turns more vibrant or grey-ish, depending how you combine it, and in what light you see it. To complement the Colour of the Year, Akzo Nobel has also developed a family tonal colour palette featuring a spectrum of blue tones. But how do you wear these color trends?


NAN pin-striped dress and Tosca Blu bag

The rich, dark and sophisticated blue shades exude trust, energy, and professionalism. The lighter tones are cool and calming. The 2017 color trends are therefore perfect to wear to the office. My NAN pin striped dress is both elegant and business appropriate, hugging me in just the right places to enhance my hourglass figure. What I love about the dress is that it’s so soft and comfortable like a second skin. There’s a zipper on the side so you can easily slip into it. The V-line neck adds length, as do the vertical stripes. I paired it with a Tosca Blu shoulder bag from the AW2016/2017 collection. The Tosca Blu, ‘Forest Tea’ bag might be classic in shape, yet super trendy in colour, namely Denim Drift and two complementing blue hues.


Shop the look: NAN dress – € 239 | Tosca Blu shoulderbag ‘Forest Tea’ – € 208


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