Hotspot Amsterdam: The Avocado Show

New in town, and already a big hit. The first European avocado restaurant is drawing in crowds in Amsterdam. Everything on the menu is made with the healthy fatty fruit. From avocado burgers, to pokebowls and ice cream. Even the brownies that are served with your latte are made from avocados, even though you wouldn’t have guessed by the flavour and texture. The green dishes are super insta-worthy presented with edible flowers, beautifully stacked, or arranged as rose petals. And to finish the über hip experience you can also feast your eyes on the fabulous interior design. The space is filled with pink velvet sofas, walls covered in lush greens, and edgy industrial lamps set the mood. – Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 in de Pijpthe avocado show amsterdam

the avocado show amsterdamthe avocado show amsterdamthe avocado show amsterdam


  1. Wow this looks really great, wish I knew this last week when I went to Amsterdam. No more fast food, I love avocado’s :D!

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