Cabanyal Valencia

Cabanyal: Art Nouveau in Valencia’s fishermen’s quarter

What is a visit to Valencia without a day at the beach, right? Besides the sand, the sea and the sun, Valencia’s beach strip is also a true historical gem. The quarter adjacent to the coast is a traditional fishermen’s neighbourhood with unique heritage. The small working-class houses are monumental heritage, and for good reason. Colorful facades are beautifully adorned with ceramic tiles. The tiles are often spaced to create a zigzag, or checkerboard pattern, and the effect is vibrant and harmonious. Inside you’ll find traditional artisan shops and family-owned bodegas dating back to the 19th century. In El Cabanyal you’ll find the best fish restaurants, often serving the catch of that day right of the boat. [continue reading after jump]

Cabanyal Valencia Cabanyal Valencia Cabanyal ValenciaCabanyal Valencia

Next, head to the beach for some serious basking in the sun. Plant yourself at one of the many beachfront cafes for tapas, sangria and people watching. A great hotspot is the white and turquoise La Mas Bonita at Passeig Marítim de la Patacona. This seaside terrace and courtyard is the ultimate spot for smoothies and yummie cake. Or take a stroll on the boulevard that is lined with palm trees and just take in the good life!

Cabanyal ValenciaCabanyal ValenciaCabanyal ValenciaCabanyal ValenciaCabanyal Valencia

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