Christmas tea

Christmas time is above all for snuggling together around the TV to watch Christmas movies with a pot of tea, cookies and chocolates. That’s why I love to stock up on different tea blends that are like Christmas in a cup. In fact, the tea blends with seasonal flavours to warm up with, are perfect winter warmers long past Christmas time. Nipping at a hot cup or mug of tea is for me one of those little luxuries in life I will continue to cherish. Me and my tea…inseparable! So what are the best Christmas tea blends?

Christmas tea

Whittard Christmas Tea

Right now I’mmostly drinking this tea blend. The Whittard Christmas tea comes in a beautiful vibrant pink caddy which makes it a perfect gift or stocking filler. The black tea with aromatic cloves, zesty orange peel slivers, sweet Madagascan vanilla pieces and yellow safflower petals has so much flavour!

Where to buy: Whittard

Price: € 15 for 100 grams



Angelina Mont Blanc Tea

The Angelina Mont Blanc tea isn’t necessarily a Christmas or Winter tea but due to its aromas and ingredients I prefer to drink it only in autumn and winter. Imagine a warm cup of candied chestnut and maple syrup with bites of papaya, apple and candied apricots. Then finished with orange blossom and toffee aromas. Once you had a sip of this tea, you don’t want anything else.

Where to buy: Angelina (online or in the Paris shop/tearoom)

Price:€ 13 for 100 grams



Simon Lévelt Winter Tea

This loose leaf tea blend has been my most consumed tea for over 10 years now. Moreover, I also drink it in other seasons after purchasing a bulk of it in winter. The tea is namely only available November till February. What makes the black, fragrant wintertea so special is the rum flavour. Next to rum, it is also spiced with a.o. clove and has hints of orange peel, dried rose petals and rose hip.

Where to buy: Simon Lévelt

Price: €3,95 per 100 gram


Il était une fois Noël, from Betjeman and Barton

Teas from the Parisian Betjeman and Barton are always a winner. Il était une fois Noël is a loose leaf tea combination of Ceylon and Chinese teas. Enriched with sunflower petals and perfumed with apple, almonds and vanille with hints of ginger and cinnamon it’s the ultimate Christmas tea. It’s flavour makes me think of a Christmas fruit and raisins bread (kerststol in Dutch). Each year Betjeman and Barton introduces a new holiday tin to store the tea. This year the ‘boîte dôme’ is a design by Angeline Mélin. Super Christmassy!

Where to buy:  Betjeman and Barton or for Internationals

Price: 125 gr for €6,96


Kusmi’s Tsarevna Tea

This special edition tea is inspired by the Russian Tsar imperium. It’s a round, full and spicy black tea blend with aromas of orange, vanilla and almond, cinnamon a touch of liquorice, aniseed, ginger and cardemon. Warming ingredients for cold winter evenings.

Where to buy: Kusmi or selected luxury department stores

Price: €14 for 100 grams

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