Stylish Living inspiration at the Amsterdam interior design expo

The first week of October is always the most exciting week for interior design lovers in the Netherlands. It is the week of the annual VT Wonen design beurs; the Amsterdam home decor exposition where all new interior trends are on display. Some of the major home & garden magazines traditionally create a model house to inspire visitors and present the trend colours and materials. This year, my favourite model house was by magazine Stijlvol Wonen (translates as Stylish Living). It was all about luxury and timeless elegance while incorporating the current trend colours and materials.

Trend colours

The prevalent trend colours spotted all over the VT Wonen Design Beurs were warm earth tones, colours of spices, and pink hues. Think different shades of rust brown, terracotta, salmon, cinnamon, mustard, and burgundy. In bath- and bedrooms the use of dark colours were very popular like dark green, blue, grey and black.

Trend Materials

The materials for 2018/2019 are luxurious and sophisticated. Marble and granite are no longer reserved for the bathroom and kitchen counter but are used in design furniture too. The brass trend and thick fabrics like velvet and wool continue to reign the design scene. The combination of these materials and the trend colours creates a boutique hotel style with a feminine touch.

Trend shapes

Round mirrors, round or oval tables, circle rugs and curvy furniture dominated the VT Wonen Design Beurs this year. The round shapes soften the robust, heavy granite and marble pieces, creating harmony and balance.


Wall and window trends

For window dressing I noticed thick heavy curtains as a trend, usually made of luxurious fabrics like velvet or shimmering fabrics. Wooden shutters are also a big trend. Most interesting are the wall papers for 2019 which are often geometric, three-dimensional trompe l’oeil patterns. They are often made of fabric like material. Humid-resistant wall paper for the bathroom is also a big thing in 2019.

Product info

Macrame wall art –

  • Black walnut shutters in bed- and bathroom –
  • wallpapers – and
  • paints –
  • kitchen –
  • marble –
  • misc furniture –
  • bathroom –
  • bed –
  • lights – and
  • brass faucets by Piet Boon –

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