A Peacock Coloured Christmas Decor

Over the years I have collected a lot of peacock Christmas decorations, enough to finally make a themed nook in my living room. Although it is in sheer contrast to my Audrey Hepburn Christmas tree, it does look great. I used an oversized recycled glass vase and filled that with Christmas branches with lights. I […]

A Christmas Wreath with a nod to Audrey Hepburn

My Christmas tree is up in full galore, and my whole house has been transformed in a lovely winter wonderland. I know some of you are curious about my tree and decorations, but I want to add the finishing touches before I share it on my blog. I can show you my Christmas wreath I […]

Christmas Trends 2013 at Pop-up Christmas Shop Floreest

Each year  Helmi opens her pop-up store in the Breestraat in Leiden’s city center. Although it is a small shop, it is the best place to spot Christmas trends and get the most unique and exclusive baubles.  Florist and shop owner Helmi is always ahead of the curve and isn’t afraid to select different styles […]

Ladder Love: Grace your rungs for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas…or at least at my home. I have taken down all autumn and Thanksgiving decorations and I’m slowly bringing in the Christmas ornaments. My ladder has also been prettified. I embellished my ladder with baubles but you can also adorn the rungs with your Christmas cards, lights, or hanging tea […]

Deck the Halls: Nordic Nature Style

The countdown to Christmas has begun. It’s now time to start decorating, or at least deciding on your style. A major trend this year is the arctic and nordic nature trend. You can go two ways with this trend: 1. elegant with a colour palette of ice white, silver, glitter, shimmer and shine, and blue, […]