Deck the Halls: Nordic Nature Style

The countdown to Christmas has begun. It’s now time to start decorating, or at least deciding on your style. A major trend this year is the arctic and nordic nature trend. You can go two ways with this trend:

1. elegant with a colour palette of ice white, silver, glitter, shimmer and shine, and blue, and snowflakes, icicles, polar bears and penguins.

2. rustic  with ice white, natural elements, and a frosted wood feel, deers, owls, antlers, bark accessories, feathers, white driftwood, pine cones and white ceramic items.

I’m mixing both into my own winter wonder home. And for some serious winter snuggle time I’m adding texture with faux fur pillows and a faux fur throw. Here’s how…


  1. […] minimal alterations and a few simple adjustments you can create a whole new look. Last year I had Nordic Nature accents, lots of white ornaments, and a candy striped kitchen. This year I’m introducing two other […]

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