A Brilliant Candle

What if you would burn a candle and would find a small diamond on the bottom? That is exactly what can happen if you buy a Pop-up Paris candle.

Pop up Paris is a line of French design scented candles that will give you an unique and exciting experience. In every 50 candles a diamond of G VS quality is hidden. In the small candles one of 0,15 carats, in the medium one of 0,25 carats. Concealed in the wax, it will slowly appear as the candle is burning.

The name “POPUP” comes from the opening of the packaging. When the top of the box is removed, the candle “pops up” from its box. The Popup candles are available in two sizes and come in an annual collection of 5 different fragrances. Popup’s first collection comes in a range of five tangy, fresh, soft and sweet fragrances:

BooBlop, Woodzip, WizzNadine, FigShebam, RicePow (Bamboo, Fire Wood, Grenadine, Wild Fig, Rice Powder). I’ve been burning my FigShebam  candle with anticipation but unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky. Let me know when you are.


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