Weekendtip: Blossom festival in Amsterdam

Japanse bloesem park Amsterdamse bos

First, I would like to apologize in advance for the overload of pictures that are about to follow. If you know me well, you know I’m obsessed with blossom. In fact, my blog used to have blossom as a logo before I changed it to the current look and feel. I was therefore beyond excitement […]

Orchids and blossom at the Botanical Garden in Leiden

Spring has sprung, finally. A perfect opportunity to go to the Botanical Garden! You might remember last year’s blog post where I showed you the garden in early autumn. But I feel it is at its best in April when the orchids in the glass houses are blooming and the Japanese tree in the garden […]

Weekend Tip: The Dutch blossom trails

A long weekend lays ahead of us. Some of us go on holiday while others opt for day trips. Traditionally I go on a day trip with one of my best friends. We always choose something that involves nature, to enjoy Dutch glory. In april the Netherlands is in its full galore with blossoming trees […]

Life’s Little Luxury: Blossom Branches at Home

Life is full of simple and small luxuries, and all you have to do is be conscious about your surroundings. Like earlier this week. I was working on my laptop at the dinner table, finishing up my work day, I looked up and I saw the last sun beams of the day touching my blossom […]

Spring came early this year

I’m so excited that spring came early this year. We all remember last year’s spring, or let me rephrase that, the lack thereof. So I’m happy that nature is reconciling. Nature’s gift to us, that I consider one of life’s luxuries, are the blossoming trees and fields of blooming flowers. I can’t wait till everything […]

Flowers are life’s little luxuries

Not a weekend goes by that I don’t buy flowers. I see them as life’s little luxuries. They give a whole different vibe to a space. Last weekend I went to the farmers market and splurged on tea roses, and a mixed bouquet with blossom, parrot tulips and ranoncules . I selected different flowers in […]

Weekendtip: Blossom tour

Each year in spring I plan a walking or bike tour to enjoy the blossoming trees. Last year I blogged about the walking tour I created myself of 10 km, starting at Estate Landgoed Marienwaerdt in Beesd. But there are so many tours and areas in the Netherlands. The Betuwe is extensive, and the perfect […]