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Each year in spring I plan a walking or bike tour to enjoy the blossoming trees. Last year I blogged about the walking tour I created myself of 10 km, starting at Estate Landgoed Marienwaerdt in Beesd. But there are so many tours and areas in the Netherlands. The Betuwe is extensive, and the perfect area with all the fruit orchards. In our most southern province Limburg you can also walk or cycle a route with mostly tall fruit trees. And best is to tour in Belgium in the area of Hasselt which is only a two and a half hour drive. So here is my top 3 with links to more info:

  1. Betuwe, Netherlands – http://bloesem.info/
  2. Limburg, Netherlands – http://tinyurl.com/cwepn5g
  3. Haspengouw, Belgium – http://www.toerisme-sint-truiden.be/Bloesemfeesten.html

Unfortunately, this year I didn’t have time to travel to the Betuwe or the south on the days it was sunny and warm. So instead I planned a cycling tour in my own area and the city Leiden to enjoy the blossoming trees. Naturally it’s not the same in a city compared to the outskirts and farm land, but if you do it on a Sunday it’s peaceful enough. And there were plenty of blossoming trees! Have a look:

Leiden pieterskerkplein

hortus Leiden white blossom witte singel Leiden witte singel vanaf hortus


magnolia magnolia tree

blossom at museum Leiden under the blossom tree white blossom

Museum leiden

blossom petals blossom with bridge IMG_2041ed pink blossom pink cherry blossom white blossom

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