The Best of Amsterdam at Christmas Time

Ice skating rink Museumplein

Last weekend I had a mini staycation in Amsterdam in celebration of my 43rd birthday. I stayed in the elegant Pulitzer Hotel , did some Christmas shopping and got pampered in the Akasha spa. Amsterdam is so sparkling and cozy during the most wonderful time of the year. Window shops and streets are beautifully lit, the […]

6 Reasons to visit Leiden in December

Leiden is beautiful year round, but in December it is extra special. The city turns into a twinkling and magical place with lots of Christmas and winter festivities across the old city center. The ‘Winter Wonder Weeks’ and the many pop-up restaurants will make you experience Leiden in a totally different way. What to do […]

10x Christmas markets in Holland

Coming days are packed with Christmas markets in the Netherlands. There are so many, that it’s hard to choose. Some are classic markets with lots of trinkets, and hand-made things. Others are modern, or themed. Christmas markets are the perfect place to get some last-minute Christmas ornaments, or a special gift. To help you choose, […]

Christmas shopping in Hanover

Who would have thought that Hanover is such a great shopping destination? Last weekend when I took part in a blogging retreat at Holly Becker’s home, part of the workshop was shopping. Holly, being a local, took us to the old city center where, as in every large German city, there was a Christmas market. […]