City Guide Leiden: 149 Bites & Drinks

THIS RESTAURANT IS NO LONGER IN BUSINESS It’s been a while since my last hot spot tip in Leiden, my home town. New restaurants and shops have been popping up all over the city. Last year, a new restaurant opened in the Breestraat on number 149. The restaurant is called 149 Bites & Drinks. I’ve […]

A stroll in Athens’ National Garden

Escape the bustling streets of Athens by seeking refuge in the peaceful National Garden.

City Prints

I just love the city print illustrations by Jim Datz. I would love to have one on my wall. I think they would also be awesome in a kid’s room. Jim Datz’s illustrations  that go by the nickname Neither Fish Nor Fowl are reminiscent of olden times, with images of sailors, explorers, keystone cops, and mustached men in […]