Shop your heart out at: Buiten de Lijntjes

I love the Dutch shop and webshop Buiten de Lijntjes. Run by two friends in the north of the Netherlands, the shop is full of fun and hip wannahaves. Owners Hennie and Jacqueline curate the best paperwares, stationery, ceramics, things in bold colours, posters and handmade objects. They get their products from all over the […]

Mug shots

Oh baby it’s cold outside! Winter has definitely set in now. To stay warm I drink liters of hot tea and hot chocolate. I prefer to drink my hot stuff out of different mugs according to my mood. Might sound a bit quirky, but I just like change. My collection of mugs is therefore absurd. Lately, […]

London shopping guide – the Christmas arcade at Somerset House

Ever since I was little my parents took my siblings and me to London to do our Christmas shopping. The Saturday before Christmas we would fly in on the earliest flight, and take the latest flight back to Amsterdam. That may sound decadent, especially in the early eighties, but to us it was pretty normal. […]